• Situated on the foothills of the Tshufi Mountain.

Holistic Urban Beauty Spa

Soothe your senses by enjoying the many wonderful services offered through the Holistic Urban Beauty Spa, from the comfort and privacy of your very own room at the Tshiberry B&B.

While indulging in these luxurious treatments by the renown Holistic Urban Beauty Spa, your room will transform into a sanctuary of contemplation and tranquility. The ambiance of your surroundings will blossom into a unique setting for equilibrium and harmony where stress and discomfort can be soothed away. As you relax and unwind, the Holistic Urban Beauty Spa will provide benefits like tea and lemon water, calming wild Jasmine tea, antioxidant green tea and soothing Rooibos Tea.

Please note that it is essential to book your treatment through Holistic Urban Beauty Spa in advance.

Scalp & Hand/ Foot Massage complimentary with all Facial Treatments.



To maintain your skin, the Holistic Urban Beauty Spa recommends getting regular facials every 2-4 weeks. This is the best possible interval to maintain healthy, glowing skin, to treat minor breakouts when they occur, and to smooth rough, dry skin. The deeply stimulating massage will calm every muscle in your face, neck and shoulders. Your arms and legs are also treated to a kneading and acupressure soothing massage. This facial is completed with a collagen mask and hydrating lotions, the results are radiant skin, visible reduction in signs of anti-aging.

Deep cleaning, removing all impurities within the skin working from the inside out, leaving your skin noticeably brighter and naturally radiant.*Quoted prices excludes VAT
Hydrating & Purifying
– An intensive and regenerating moisture boost for dry, dehydrated skin in need of hydration.
R460 / 60 min
Oily & Combination
– This deep cleansing and relaxing facial helps to regulate oil secretions and refine open pores by infusing stabilising properties.
R460 / 60 min
Sensitive & Reactive
– A comforting facial for sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation.
R460 / 60 min
Mini Facial
– Perfect for those with limited time! The mini version of our Holistic Specialized Facial includes power cleanse, pressure point massage and  customized mask, delivering maximum results in minimum time.
R230 / 30 min


Full Face
Lip / Chin
Under Arm
Half Arm
Full Arm
Half Leg
Full Leg
Full Bikini
Bikini Line


Acne Facial
Improve skin clarity, reduce blemishes and soothe inflammation with Thalgo acne facial treatment. The Thalgo  Acne Facial helps eliminate the underlying causes of breakouts. A powerful blend of exfoliating natural Algae extract, antioxidants and hydrating agents opens clogged pores for deep cleansing. Get rapid relief for all types of breakouts, from occasional hormonal episodes to severe acne.
  •  Reduces acne blemishes, breakouts and inflammation
  •  Improves skin clarity
  •  Instantly soothes redness and reduces irritation
R750 / 70 min
Oxygen Detox Facial
– This facial is based on detoxification. Extractions are expertly performed, finishing off with a detoxifying and soothing facial massage and a Cryodetox Mask releasing moisturising, soothing and revitalising effects.
R750 / 70 min
Mens Treatment
– This is a deep cleansing treatment which will soothe and de-sensitize the skin, and minimize the effects of razor irritation, leaving you with a smooth, healthy looking face.
R630 / 70 min
Anti – Ageing
– A truly scientific multi-sensory facial, which provides the most advanced anti-ageing treatment by using the most active ingredients. The ultimate treatment for those looking for immediate results, including lifting, tightening and toning of the skin.
R750 / 70 min
Galvanic Facial Treatment
High Frequency Treatment




Holistic Head Massage
– An alternating slow & vigorous massage, concentrating on pressure points of the scalp, neck & shoulders to relieve tension resulting in nurtured, centered & relaxed individual.
R345 / 30 min
Stress Relief Back Massage
– The fundamental elements of this massage focus purely on the back & shoulder area to relieve tension of these commonly over -stressed muscles.
R345/ 30 min
Holistic Hot Stone Back Massage
– Hot stone back massage uses soothing oils, warm basalt stones to relax your muscles, allowing for a deeper and more intense all-over massage. The stones are coated in fragrant oil to increase your sense of relaxation and calm. Oil is smoothed gently onto your body, and each stone in turn is worked by your therapists hands, so that your body becomes relaxed in a much shorter space of time!
R520/ 45 min
Holistic Aroma Full Body Massage
– A gentle, therapeutic massage that stimulates the lymphatic system through the power of touch. Pure aromatic oils are used combined in a unique blend to relax & rejuvenate the body, mind & spirit.
R690 / 60 min
Holistic De-stressor Full Body Massage
– A deep tissue massage designed to manipulate tense & strained muscle to improve flexibility & endurance of the muscular system.
R690 / 60 min
Holistic Hot Stone Full Body Massage
– This massage uses the ancient art of healing with stones. The Baltic rocks retain heat and helps the release of tension in tight, tired muscles. The use of both stones and the therapist’s hands allows for the perfect combination to pure relaxation.
R690 / 60 min
Pre-Natal Massage
R690 / 60 min
Holistic De-stressor Full Body Massage
– A deep tissue massage designed to manipulate tense & strained muscle to improve flexibility & endurance of  the muscular system.
R980/ 90 min
Holistic Hot Stone Full Body Massage
– This massage uses the ancient art of healing with stones. The Baltic rocks retains heat and helps the release of tension in tight, tired muscles. The use of both stones and the therapist’s hands allows for the perfect combination to pure relaxation.
R980/ 90 min
Bamboo Full Body Massage
– It feels like a hand massage, with the Bamboo stalks melting away tension, with the added benefit of deeper massage. It is known to reduce tension, make skin more supple, relieve tightness in muscles & tendons, restructure the silhouette, stimulate the flow of blood & lymph, regenerate & revitalize, & relax the body & mind. Gentle strokes, pressure & friction will relieve muscle tension & revive your senses in a new, astonishing &  unique way, leaving you with an exotic sensation.
R980/ 90 min
African Copper  Massage
– Is a biostatic that means bacteria will not grow on its surface. It help enhance circulation reduce swelling, relieve stiffness & ease pain.  Legendary healing qualities of Copper – Relief from arthritic conditions &  rheumatism, relief of muscular aches, pain sprains, rebuilding the skin tissue and bone mass, reduce inflammation and the reproduction of collagen.
R980/ 90 min


Holistic Hand Treatment
– This signature treatment includes a home -made sugar scrub with Eucalyptus to soften, soothe, relax & revitalize the arms & hands.
R290 / 20 min
Holistic Foot Treatment
– A relaxing and therapeutic foot massage used to stimulate energy zones and pressure points in the feet that correspond to organs in the body. This gentle therapy encourages the body to naturally restore and maintain its own healthy balance.
R345/ 30 min
Body Polishing
– The body is cleansed & oxygenated with our home-made scrub, removing dead skin cells & leaving your skin radiant & soft to the touch. The relaxing moisturising massage that follows restores a natural glow & vitality to the body.
R400/ 30 min
Holistic Conditioning
– This intensive treatment wrap, containing Grape seed Oil, Lavender, Tea Tree, Camomile and other exotic essential oils that soothes dry, stressed skin. The body is then smothered with the application of Body Conditioning Mask, which invigorates the entire body. A final application of aromatic body butter is massages into the skin.
R400 / 30 min
Cracked / Hard Heels
– Gently scrub off the cracked or hard heels, leaving  them feeling soft to the touch and beautiful enough to wear open shoes!
R170 / 15 min

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