Kgaswane Nature Reserve

Covering a massive 5 300 ha of land, the Kgaswane Nature Reserve has been described as a natural paradise where visitors can look forward to unique experiences at any time of the year. Located in the south-west of Rustenburg, this stunning game reserve is rich in natural beauty and ideal for day visits with the whole family. Enjoy holiday accommodation at the stunning 5 star Tshiberry Bed & Breakfast close to Rustenburg, located just a 25 minute drive from Kgaswane.

The North West province’s beautiful Kgaswane Nature Reserve comprises of varied habitats, mountains and two excellent hiking trails that are open to the public, allowing tourists and locals to unveil natural splendour as they discover this expansive setting at their own pace. This mountain and nature reserve is home to over 320 species of bird, including ostrich, the South African shelduck, redbilled teal, sacred ibis and even a breeding colony of Cape vultures – a sight well worth seeing. Bird watching is popular activity when visiting Kgaswane, so bring a pair of binoculars along and see how many unique birds you can spot.

Animal sightings are also common here, as Kgaswane Nature Reserve is home to a range of wildlife that roams the lands. Keep a look out for giraffe, warthog, white rhino, burchells zebra, brown hyena and a population of over 800 antelope that include blesbok, kudu, springbok, gemsbok, antelope and impala. These antelope abound around the campsites within the reserve, enjoying their natural habitat and home. Interestingly, the principal vlei which flows through the central position of the reserve is the largest of its kind in the Magaliesburg and is an important catchment area based at the headwaters of the Hex River.

Another attraction that is enjoyed at the Kgaswane Nature Reserve is hiking. Both of the lengthier hiking trails are overnight trails, which need to be booked well in advance. The Summit Route is 25.3 km and allows for swimming in the natural pools. The Baviaanskrans Route is 19.5 km’s and allows hikers to enjoy amazing views of the waterfall and the Garden of Remembrance.  Each of these two trails has amenities to accommodate 12 hikers at a time. For a shorter day hike, the Peglarae Trail is a day excursion that is about 5.5 km’s in total, while the shortest trail is Vlei Ramble, being just 2 km’s in length and leading to a viewing hut that is ideal for bird watching.



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