SunStar at Sun City

Sun City is a wonderful, family-friendly holiday resort in South Africa’s North West province. This exciting resort is world-renowned, continually finding creative ways to be involved with the community and environment as part of its sustainability strategy. For those visiting Sun City as part of their discovery of the best attractions in and around Rustenburg, viewing the SunStar first hand is an amazing opportunity.

The famous SunStar sculpture has been described as “a beacon of hope for the future”; carrying with it a message of belief, while also representing a significant part of our countries history. The incredible SunStar instalment was created and built by Cape Town based artist and founder of the Robben Island Art Company & Trust (RIACT), Christopher Swift. This mesmerizing and dramatic structure is in the form of an eight-point star, surrounded by a metal frame that depicts the sun’s rays. The star was constructed using aluminium trusses founded using a ground anchorage system instead of that was constructed with the wiring.

What makes the SunStar so fascinating and significant is that it was built using the original wiring that once formed the fence around Cape Town’s iconic Robben Island, where former President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years during apartheid.  As South Africa celebrates more than 20 years of democracy, the SunStar is light on the horizon, a reminder of how far we have come as a nation. For those seeking out 5 star accommodations options a short 30 minute drive from Sun City, Tshiberry Bed & Breakfast offers stunning accommodation options and is located on the foothills of the Tshufi mountains.

The beautiful 30 metre high SunStar sculpture was designed to fit into ecologically sensitive areas and leaves no permanent footprint, following a series of environmental and geotechnical assessments. Some may recognize the SunStar from its original debut site on Signal Hill in Cape Town; however Sun City will remain its permanent home going forward, allowing tourists and local visitors to appreciate this wonderful creation during their visit. The Sun City resort is also home to the Valley of Waves, a range of safari and wildlife tours, plenty of restaurants and the ever popular Sun Casino.



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