Pilanesburg Nature Reserve

Pilanesberg Nature Reserve

The Pilanesberg National Park is the fourth largest nature reserve in South Africa, expanding over some 55 000 hectares. Before it was declared as a reserve in 1979, the park was degraded and its indigenous wildlife population depleted, a consequence of the considerably intense activity of the commercial farmers. This beautiful natural sanctuary is now home to over 7000 animals including the famous Big 5 – namely the lion, rhino, elephant, leopard, and buffalo.

The Nature Reserve provides a range of safaris in Pilanesberg that allow visitors to enjoy viewings of free roaming animals that could include hyenas, leopards and owls. The professional tour guides are all FGASA registered and are well versed when it comes to the best assets Pilanesberg Nature Reserve has to offer, from breathtaking scenery to amazing wildlife. During safari tours, the guides will stop at various panoramic viewpoints along the way, allowing for amazing photo opportunities. The safari tours start from 1 day options to 5 days, while other Pilanesburg safaris include the exciting hot air balloon safari, where visitors can enjoy elevated views and a unique perspective of the reserve. Pilanesberg Nature Reserve is a truly fascinating game reserve that offers visitors a unique opportunity to discover an array of wildlife in their own natural habitat.

Walking safaris can also be enjoyed while exploring the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, and are great for adventurers and fitness enthusiasts. By walking, it will be easy to appreciate the intricate beauty of the reserve, from the abundant fauna and flora to the unspoiled wilderness. The tour guide will be equipped with relevant knowledge about the vegetation within the reserve and will also provide insight on the insects, birds and interesting overlaps between the Kalahari and Lowveld. These walking tours also magnify the size and mannerisms of the many animals living in the park and will change a visitor’s outlook.

It is interesting to note that the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve exists inside the crater of a long extinct volcano, and is one of the largest volcanic complexes in the world. Considered a very unique geological feature, this reserve area serves as a great example of an alkaline ring complex, where still today a number of rare minerals occur in the park. For visitors that are discovering the area and its surrounding attractions in addition to the reserve, the welcoming 5 star Tshiberry Bed & Breakfast offers excellent accommodation.




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